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Krystian Zimerman / Chopin - Ballades; Barcarolle; Fantaisie

Side 1 Frédéric Chopin (1810 - 1849) 1. Barcarolle in F Sharp, Op.60 8:54 2. Ballade No.1 In G Minor, Op.23 9:33 3. Ballade No.2 In F Major, Op.38 7:43 Krystian...

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Grigory Sokolov - The Salzburg Recital

ДИСК 1Piano Sonata In F Major K 280 (189e). Composed By – Wolfgang Amadeus MozartAllegro AssaiAdagioPresto 2. Piano Sonata In F Major K 332 (300k). Composed By –...

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1 Pack Colorful Music Tuned 8-notes Percussion Stringed Instrument Tubes C Major Diatonic Scale Set C' D E F G A B Parts Accs

Vladimir Ashkenazy, Beethoven - Piano Concerto No.4; Overture "Leonore No.3"

• Piano Concerto No. 4 In G Major, Op. 58 A1. Allegro Moderato • Overture In C Major, Op. 72b - Leonora No. 3 B1. Andante Con Moto B2. Rondo - Vivace Произведения Бетховена...

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Pixco Ni(G)-N1 Built-In Iris Control Lens Adapter Suit For Nikon F Mount G to 1 Camera

Милий Алексеевич Балакирев Toccata

G-Energy Масло моторное F Synth EC 5w30 1л.

G-Energy Масло моторное F-Synth EC 5W30 4л (art.253140155)

G-Energy Масло моторное F Synth 5w40 5л

Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG) Major Incident Medical Management and Support. The Practical Approach in the Hospital

The new edition of Major Incident Medical Management and Support is a vital component in the blended learning course from Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG), which aims to provide hospital staff at all levels with essential information on the preparation, management and support elements of dealing with casualties in a major incident. Split into five sections, each focuses on the elements requisite in preparing for, and responding, to a major incident. The first section discusses the epidemiology and incidences of major incidents and the structured approach to the hospital response. The second section contains the preparation required in planning for major incidents, including equipment and training. The third section covers the management of a major incident, concentrating on the clinical, nursing and management hierarchies. The fourth includes the various stages of support in a major incident, including declaring an incident and activating the plan, the reception, triage, definitive care and recovery phases of an incident. The final section focuses on special incidents which require additional consideration, including those involving hazardous chemicals, burns and children. Written in collaboration with the National Emergency Planning, Major Incident Medical Management and Support is an invaluable reference in the emergency department and beyond for staff needing to prepare for the rare, but inevitable, hospital major incidence response.

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24 Hole Tremolo Harmonica A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G G# Set Easttop Armonica g Professional

High Quality Rosewood Suona/Shanai for Beginners Chinese Folk Wind Musical Instrument Zurna/Laba Key of C/D/E/bB/Major A/Major G

2016 New Dollice Lens Adapter Suit For Nikon F Mount G to Micro Four Thirds 4/3 Camera Built-In Iris Control

C1 125 Motorcycle Brake Pads Front Rear For BMW 200 G 650 Xchallenge Xcountry GS F CS ST

Объектив Sony SEL-P28135G 28-135 mm F/4.0 G FE PZ OSS E-mount

Ручка, шариковая, автоматическая, Pilot/Пилот SuperGrip 0,7мм, зеленая, BPGP-10R-F-G (00389)

Ручка шариковая автоматическая зеленая BPGP-10R-F (G), PILOT

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CVNC 6'' Chakra Note C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B any note Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl with Natural Cosmic Light

Объектив Panasonic Lumix G X Vario 35-100 mm F/2.8 II POWER O.I.S

Маркер Pentel Illumnia 1-5mm набор 4 цвета SL60-4-F/G/K/P

Mouth Ogan Instrument 10 Holes Armonica Blues A B C D E F G A# C# D# F# G#12 KEY Music Diatone